Standards and regulations for compliant installation

When installing an electrical system, it’s essential to comply with current standards and regulations. These guidelines guarantee the conformity and safety of your installation. For example, France’s NF C 15-100 standard sets out rules for electrical distribution in residential and commercial buildings.


Electronics industry

Emerging technologies in the electrical industry

With the increasing integration of advanced electronic technologies, the electrical industry is constantly evolving. These innovations are improving the reliability, durability, efficiency and safety of the electrical grid.

Major advances are revolutionizing the way electrical equipment is designed and manufactured. operates in a wide range of sectors, including automotive, medical, lighting, industrial, consumer goods and multimedia. It specializes in the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other technical parts.

Solutions & services

Expert advice for your electrical projects

Electrical installation

Electrical installation: complying with safety standards

Electrical installation must take into account the specific needs of the building and its occupants. It requires technical expertise.

Electrical troubleshooting

Electrical troubleshooting, ensuring the safety of your system

The intervention of an electrical troubleshooting professional resolves power failures and ensures the smooth operation of your system.

Electrical renovation

Electrical renovation, modernizing your system

Electrical refurbishment includes a number of techniques: replacing old cables, installing earth connections and differential circuit breakers.

Innovations in electrical installations

Automation & home automation

Innovations in electrical installations

Automation and home automation are transforming electrical installations. They offer intelligent solutions for energy management, comfort and safety.

By integrating intelligent sensors and software, you can: optimize your energy consumption, simplify your daily life and improve the security of your home. Innovations in this field offer endless possibilities for making homes and buildings smarter, more sustainable and safer. Investing in these electrical installations is a wise choice for improving energy efficiency, comfort and safety for occupants.

Electrical safety

Electrical emergency management: incident response procedures

Electrical safety is an essential aspect of any installation. Establishing clear and effective intervention procedures is important for managing electrical emergencies.


Safety rules

Protect yourself against electrical hazards.

Protective equipment

Protective equipment

Prevent the risk of electrocution.


Electricity market pro

Negotiating electricity contracts - Winning strategies for businesses

In an ever-changing energy market, it’s crucial to negotiate your electricity contracts in order to obtain the best rates and conditions. By adopting the right strategy, you can optimize your company’s energy expenditure and make substantial savings. Start by analyzing your electricity consumption and comparing offers from different suppliers.

Electrical repairs

Good practice in electrical repairs

Diagnostic techniques

Diagnostic techniques, ensuring the durability of electrical installations

When troubleshooting, technicians must use diagnostic techniques to identify and solve problems. They propose repair or replacement solutions.

Short circuits

Short circuits - locating the source of the problem

To avoid short-circuits, check your installations regularly, replace worn cables and, above all, never overload your sockets.

Electricity and new technologies

Integration of new technologies in the electricity sector

Energy storage

New energy storage technologies aim to efficiently store the electricity generated by wind turbines and solar panels. Lithium-ion batteries and redox flow storage systems can store energy on a large scale.

Smart Grids, for more stable electricity distribution

Smart Grids represent the future of electricity distribution. Smart Grids use technologies to monitor, control and optimize electricity distribution. They enable more effective integration of renewable energies. They also promote more efficient use of electricity.

Standards compliance

Ensuring the quality and reliability of your installation

Standard NF C 17-200

Standard NF C 17-200

Standard NF C 15-100

Standard NF C 15-100

NF C 14-100 standard

NF C 14-100 standard